Comanche County is located near the geographical center of Texas and enjoys a mild climate year round. It has a wild history being known for a famous John Wesley Hardin shootout, the oldest courthouse in Texas, and the Fleming Oak where a famous Indian fight was held. This history of Comanche County coupled with its present day pioneer spirit has made it a wonderful place to live and work.

Comanche County has an estimated population of 14,032 of which 25% is estimated to be below 20 years of age and 25% is above 65 years of age. 31% of the population lives inside the city limits and 69% resides in the country side areas; a reversal of the trend in Texas.

Comanche County is dependent on agriculture and agribusiness for income. Annual Ag income averages around 150 million dollars with the bulk of the income from dairy, beef, hay, pecans, peanuts, melons and silage. A growing industry is recreational leasing for hunting and fishing as well as agri-tourism, nature tourism, birding, and eco-tourism. These enterprises have a tremendous future as the metroplex moves closer each year.

The Comanche County Extension staff provide educational programs in the area of dairy, pecans, beef cattle, meat goats, forages, environmental management, vegetable production, peanuts, 4-H youth and Family and Consumer Sciences. Educational programs include Forage Field Days, Manure Technology Tours, Leon River TMDL Updates, Meat Goat Production, Comanche Cow Clinic, Walk Across Texas!, Better Living for Texans, Vegetable Production Shortcourse, and more. The County’s Extension Agent produces weekly columns in 3 newspapers and mails out newsletters once a quarter. Subject matter newsletters include Dairy, Livestock, Melon, Pecan, FCS, 4-H Youth, and Peanuts- these are mailed free to subscribers.

Comanche County has a bright future because of its proximity to major metropolitan areas. Located between Brownwood and Stephenville, 100 miles from Fort Worth, and 90 from Abilene on three major highways, ensures its future. Many who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of a major city are moving to the county and purchasing property to either retire or set up a home-based business. Comanche County’s rolling hills, stately oaks, sandy soils, and abundant water make it an excellent choice to live, work, and play.


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